In Haiti, one in 83 women will die over their lifetime from a complication of pregnancy and childbirth.  Most of these complications--like pre-eclampsia, a condition marked by high blood pressure in the third trimester--are detectable with regularly scheduled prenatal care visits.  Without detection and therapy, these women in rural areas will certainly die, a reality to which women have become resigned.  

100% of your donations goes to buying prenatal vitamins, pregnancy-related therapies, hospital costs for deliveries, and post-delivery support like baby clothes and breastpumps.

Leveling of the prenatal playing field...

MIMSI’s daring approach intends to increase the number of hands and eyes assisting overtaxed healthcare systems, extending the reach of the physicians and nurse midwives into areas of Haiti which have been neglected.  We have served over 700 women in the past six months and the number continues to rise.  Community volunteers trained and empowered with the Prenatal Cloud™ will begin to lower the unbalanced doctor-to-patient ratio, improving detection of complicated pregnancies and increasing the number of appropriate referrals to hospitals.

One of our patients at 33 weeks who had a placenta previa where the baby's placenta covered the opening to the uterus.  The condition causes bleeding throughout pregnancy, and she had severe anemia (see inset).  MIMSI transferred her to the hospital and supported her in getting a C-section, which saved her life and the life of her baby.  Here she is 4 weeks after delivery with the baby.

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