"Kale pwa" is a phrase from Haitian Creole (Kreyol) which means "splitting peas"; it describes the humorous and cute way women get together as a community, especially in the marketplace or around the kitchen to split peas and prepare vegetables, all the while sharing community news with one another.  This is a time-honored activity that helps to get the word out about important events and opportunities.  

In the same spirit, Pea 'n' Ponder is designed for MIMSI to share insights and discoveries along the way to increasing the access of pregnant women in the developing world to prenatal care; we bring the news of the community of motherhood to you to sit and wonder about.  We hope this blog empowers you by sharing knowledge about pregnancy and the benefits of prenatal care that all women should have regardless of where they are in the world.  MIMSI wants to accomplish bringing this vital prenatal care into the homes of these pregnant women and altering the very conversations they may have around their bodies, about pregnancy, and about their lives and the lives of their babies.

So welcome to Pea 'n' Ponder and enjoy!


Pea 'n' Ponder