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Approximately eight hundred mothers die around the world daily because of complications of pregnancy and childbirth, resulting in hundreds of babies dying as well. Most of these complications result from negligence during delivery and are completely preventable with adequate, reliable and repeated prenatal care visits. Click on the video and see how MIMSI does it.



Stop the senseless deaths of moms.

Access to education is a basic human right, and nothing has proven more powerful and effective than the education of our community volunteers who are the backbone of MIMSI's mobile prenatal care efforts in rural Haiti. We pour our knowledge into the volunteers and encourage them to share with their neighbors what they have learned. As a result, now​armed with knowledge, the community volunteers go out and educate women in their communities as the importance of prenatal care. This transforms the culture from the inside out.
To help MIMSI improve access to prenatal care for hundreds of pregnant women in the rural areas of the developing world, we need your help. As a nonprofit organization, MIMSI relies heavily on your donations to fund its international field operations. All contributions impact our community volunteers on the ground, and every penny goes toward providing the highest, most cost-effective prenatal care to these mothers-to-be. We accept donations of any amount; no gift is too small. All donations are 100% tax-deductible from your taxable income, and MIMSI will proudly issue a proof of donation for your records.

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We help mothers to survive pregnancy & childbirth in the developing world



Most pregnant women in the developing world aren't lucky enough to have access to prenatal care.  That is why MIMSI goes to these rural areas every month in a truck to deliver care to these soon-to-be mothers so they never succumb to the same fate as so many others before them.  MIMSI wants to upgrade to a mobile prenatal clinic van.  See how you can help...


Prenatal care starts with a free pregnancy test. Then our patient receive screening tests for conditions like pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, HIV, syphilis, and malaria. They also undergo free ultrasound examination and are provided prenatal vitamin supplementation.

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